List With Me... LIVE, Traveler's Notebook Style 3.27.21

Who's ready for this week's LIVE Traveler's Notebook class - week 53!  

If you're not familiar with the Intro to Traveler's Notebook class series I've done, click here for the skinny! 

Join me on Saturday, March 27th at 9:00 AM PM Pacific Time while we work together LIVE to create several different themed lists.
What:  List With Me! - LIVE

When:  Saturday, March 27th at 9:00 am Pacific


Why:  Join me LIVE as we put together 3 lists with the following topics:

  1. Bad Habits - this is the second half of a 2 part list; last week we documented our Good Habits & this week we'll do the Bad Ones ;)
  2. Favorite Easter Memories
  3. I Remember Where I Was When... I'll be documenting where I was when President Ronald Regan was shot, when the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded, the Oklahoma City bombings, 9/11, when Princess Diana died, when President Obama was elected, when I first realized Covid was a pandemic that would change our lives & when I experienced my first earthquake.  
You can either create your lists with me during the LIVE or sit back & watch; if you are listing with me during the video, recommended supplies to have ready to work with include:
  • a Traveler's Notebook Insert (a composition notebook, spiral notebook, even a piecer of paper, will work as well!)
  • pen
  • washi tape
  • number stickers
  • decorative stickers and/or die cuts

I'll be using products again this week from the Bunnies & Blooms collection from Simple Stories.  It's the perfect blend of spring & Easter!  Visit the YouTube link above for other products I'll be using in the live session.

Hope you can join in the fun!

We had a HUGE full day a few weeks ago celebrating 52 weeks = 1 YEAR of Saturday sessions!  You can catch the Part 1 replay here & the Part 2 replay here.

***Click here for the complete list of 2020 listing topics!

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