Free On-Line Traveler’s Notebook Class!

Howdy friends!  While many of us are practicing voluntary social distancing and others are experiencing restrictions, shutdowns & mandatory shelter in place directives, I’ve been racking my brain to figure out what I can do to share a little bit of light, positivity & creativity in our crafting community during this unprecedented, uncertain time.

The best way I can think of to do this is to share some of my knowledge & ideas with you! 

As an avid… ok, who am I kidding…  ADDICTED Traveler’s Notebook user & lover for the past 5+ years, I’ve learned so many different ways to use & incorporate them in my life in fun, productive and meaningful ways. 

For the next (I don't know how many Saturdays!), I invite you to take a break from the around the clock Coronavirus news coverage, the worry & the stress and join me as I share some of the things I’ve learned in a FREE 2-part online class covering all things Travelers Notebooks. 

Can't join us live, no worries!  You'll be able to watch the videos later on my YouTube channel at

Part 1

What:  Intro to Traveler’s Notebooks

When:  Saturday, March 21st at 9 am Pacific Time


Why:  Walk away with a solid understanding of traveler’s notebooks, along with tons of practical ideas & examples on different ways to use and incorporate them in your day to day life


Part 2

What:  The Basics of Getting Started in a Fun & Creative Way

When:  Saturday, March 28th at 9 am Pacific Time


Why:  Learn how to set up a Traveler’s Notebook & some fun tips, tricks & techniques for adding a little creativity!


Part 3

What:  List With Me! - LIVE

When:  Saturday, April 4th at 9 am Pacific Time


Why:  Join me LIVE as we put together 3 lists (list topics will be shared during the video).  You can either create your lists with me during the LIVE or sit back & watch; if you are listing with me during the video, recommended supplies to have ready to work with include:

  • a Traveler's Notebook Insert (a composition notebook, spiral notebook, even a piecer of paper, will work as well!)
  • pen
  • washi tape
  • number stickers
  • decorative stickers and/or die cuts

*** The items listed above are things I LIKE TO use when making a list; just a pen & a piece of paper work, too :)   You can also bring stamps & any other supplies you like to use!

I’ll be creating 3 different lists, start to finish & walking through my thought process & how I approach list making in my Traveler’s Notebooks.  You can join in the fun & list right along with me OR sit back & watch 

I’ll be holding the classes virtually on my YouTube channel at 


For each class I’ll be sharing brand new, pre-recorded videos using a feature on YouTube that lets us watch & experience the pre-recorded classes together via a live chat, in our jammies, from the comfort & safety of our homes.

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Feel free to share with your crafty friends and/or anyone you think might be interested; the more the merrier :)

Can't join us live, no worries!  You'll be able to watch the videos later on my YouTube channel at

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Hoping you, your family, friends and loved ones are staying healthy & taking care of yourselves during this trying time 💙