Washi Swatching

To know me is to know I ❤️ washi tape. Like alot. 😬
When it comes to washi, more is always better. Always.

I headed out of town last week to teach at my friend Lizzy’s retreat in southern California ☀️🌴
5 day trip + teaching 1 class = lots of time for me to play & be creative while I was there! ✂️  Packed up a few fun things to work on while I was gone. 🧳

Started with what you see on the left = 75 rolls of washi.  On the right = 75 washi ‘swatches’ on 15 playing cards.
Can you imagine my suitcase if I took the big pile?! It would practically need its own suitcase!

Instead I could literally put those 15 washi wrapped cards in my back pocket. About 16 inches of each pattern, wrapped around a wax coated playing card.

That way I can have my cake, errr washi, & eat it, too! 😉