Travel Glue Book/Junk Journal - Hawaii Trip

I’ve been a collector of fine memorabilia, aka postcards, stickers, tourist magazines & such 😬, for years! Problem is the bags of collected stuff often sit. And sit. And sit.

Pulled out a bag of stuff the other day from a trip to Bryce Canyon that we did when my friend Vicki Boutin came for a visit. Way back in 2019! And the bag still sits…
Sometimes trying to figure out what to do with all the stuff is the hardest part. What format, what photos, what to write…. And then, it just sits there, gathering dust.

Turned over a new leaf this year - taking the pressure off myself and just playing.
Glue book or junk journal style, in a Traveler’s Notebook.

Gluing in things cut from magazines & brochures, adding stickers & postcards, rub-ons, die cuts, washi - whatever feels right as I’m playing.

I don't include any photos that I take on the trip; that takes all the pressure off :) Anything that looks like a photo is cut from a brochure or tourist magazine.

Did it for a business trip in January to LA and Hawaii last month.

Purely for play.

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