Travel Glue Book/Junk Journal - Carmel Trip

Another trip documented & in the books - aka Traveler's Notebook 😉
Turned over a new leaf this year when it comes to documenting some of my trips - taking the pressure off myself & just playing, glue book or junk journal style.
Taking things collected from a trip & gluing them in (that's why some people call it a glue book!) - magazines, brochures, postcards and adding rub-ons, die cuts, washi & a few words. Whatever feels right as I'm playing!
I don't include any photos that I take on the trip; that takes all the pressure off :) Anything that looks like a photo is cut from a brochure or tourist magazine.

Did it for a business trip to LA in January, Hawaii in February and Carmel this month.

Purely for play!

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