What I'd Put in a Time Capsule List

What I'd put in a time capsule... one of the lists we did in a few weeks ago during a Saturday List With Me Live creative listing session on YouTube.

I talk about how we’re making mini time capsules when we list; it comes up quite a bit.

Although I’ve never done a physical time capsule, per se, so many of the lists I make are snapshots in time. They’re always fun to look back on - things like what’s in the fridge - and see how things change over time.

Back in 2008 and again in 2010, our son Jack made a time capsule.

In the photo he’s holding a time capsule for someone to find & open in the future. We were having the staircase redone in our house in 2008 and I thought it would be neat for him to put a time capsule in one of the newel posts. We added my husband’s phone number in the letter Jack included; one day someone will find it and hopefully give us a call 😀

The other time capsule he made in 2010, in class in 6th grade, with instructions to open it when he graduated from high school. The baseball, lego truck, skis pass, report card - some of the things he included, along with index cards explaining why he put each item in, a note from me and a note from his teacher ❤

I had so much fun walking down memory lane today, sharing about our time capsules & listing the things I would add if I were to make a time capsule ❤