Studio 5 TV Segment - Document Your Travels in a Traveler's Notebook


If you know me, you know there are 3 things (at least!) that I'm passionate about - Traveler's Notebooks, travel & telling your story.

I combined all 3 into a whirlwind 6 minute segment yesterday morning on Studio 5, a local TV morning show, about documenting your travels in a traveler's notebook!

During the segment we chatted about an 18 day trip that Nick & I took last year and how I approached documenting it in 3 *manageable* steps 

1.  Prep ahead before you go on the trip
2.  Document during the trip - just the facts
3.  Putting it all together when you get home from the trip

It was a peek into the Document Your Travels e-Course I released last year where I take a deep dive, over 5+ hours of video content, into the process of documenting your trip.  

Whether you're going across town, across country, or across the world, the e-Course breaks it down into easy ways to approach documenting your travels.

In conjunction with the TV segment, I've made the Introduction Video to the e-Course available to watch for free; grab it here!

Watch the segment here on the Studio 5 website!