Rolling Cart Storage

Hello friends!

You know sometimes when the clouds part & the angels sing?  I'm experiencing that now - hooray!

I've been looking for just the right storage cart to use when I'm doing my YouTube Saturday Listing sessions.  And when I say looking I mean I've been looking.  And looking.  And looking.  

I'm thrilled to say I've found it!

I found the cart here on Amazon.  The cart is available in 2 colors - black or white. It measures 40.5" high by 23.6" wide by 12.5"deep with 4 shelves.  

There's 10" between each shelf so plenty of room.  The open shelves make it super easy to slid things on and off for easy access, especially when you get to the bottom 2 shelves.

The best part... it's on wheels!  When I'm not using it, it sits in the corner.  When I'm ready to use it, I just roll it over to my table & I have exactly what I need for my session, right at my fingertips. 

Here's the breakdown on the different storage containers I'm using on each shelf - 

Top Shelf

Tabletop Mail Holder
Clear Plastic Storage Bin - fits my Traveler's Notebooks perfectly :)

Second Shelf

IKEA Variera White Bin (left)
IKEA Kuggis White Bin (with lid)
Plastic Zipper Pouches

Third Shelf

Clear Storage Box with Lid & 6 Dividers

Bottom Shelf
Because the shelves are 12.5" deep, it's the perfect spot for my trimmer!  

I used the shelf the first time yesterday for my YouTube session and it worked better than I had hoped :)


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