*New* Standard Wide Prints from Persnickety Prints

Howdy friends!  Have you heard the news?  Persnickety Prints recently added a new size option to their wide assortment of photo sizes - 5x8.25, designed specifically to fit standard wide traveler's notebook inserts!

For the last few years I've been printing my own 5x8.25 photos at home to add to my Traveler's Notebook.  Whenever I use them during our Saturday listing sessions people ask how they can get the standard wide sized prints without having to have a large format printer and knowledge of Photoshop or some other photo editing software.  

Gone is the need for a special printer and/or software, now you can simply & easily upload your photos to Persnickety Prints & select '5x8.25 Photographic Print' and voila!  Photos sized just right to fit your standard wide traveler's notebook inserts!

I created this standard wide traveler's notebook spread during our Saturday listing session on YouTube a few weeks ago, using a photo I had printed at Persnickety Prints.  The size was perfect & the quality - ooh la la!