Memory Keeping a Trip - Getting Started

Howdy!  I'm back with another peek into my Traveler's Notebook from a trip earlier this summer to Bryce Canyon National Park.  If you missed my first post about the project & how I prepare for a project like this WHILE on the trip, click here.

I added a number of things I collected on the trip to decorate the inside & pockets of my TN, including maps, stickers & brochures.


The trip was quick – over 2 days – but I took TONS of photos and had lots I wanted to talk about.  So much so that I decided to use a separate insert/notebook for each day!  I used a large date stamp from to ‘date’ my first insert.  I figured that would be a I great way to start out each day of the trip.



Library pockets/cards (available to purchase here!) are a fun way to incorporate journaling in any project!  I used one at the start of my TN to talk about the trip.



We left with no real timeline, other than we had a hotel reservation outside of the park that night. We meandered our way along, taking pictures from the car & stopping along the road to take more pictures as we drove.  It’s amazing what you see when you’re not rushing to get somewhere!



I love to use smaller 2x2 photos in my TN’s and pocket page albums, the smaller size is a change from 4x6 and let’s you include more photos in a project.  When I teach classes, one of the most common questions I get is how to easily print smaller photos, so I put together a quick video on how to do it.  It’s SO EASY and a game changer!  Give it a watch -

Thanks for taking another peek into my Traveler’s Notebook!  I’ll continue to work on this project over the next few months, in between designing new project kits & classes.  You can follow my progress here on my blog or on Instagram

Take care! :)