It's a Love/Hate Relationship List

Cilantro, beach reads & the sun. Then there’s peas, scary movies & winging it. All things on my love/hate list. 😂

What’s on your love/hate list?

Hate was a strong word to use, but rolls off the tongue so much better than dislike. 😉 Especially when it comes to peas. 😂

Don’t be confused/concerned about the last one on my hate list... I accidentally added it to the wrong side 😀

Another list we had oh so much fun doing in my free ‘list with me live’ session Saturday on YouTube 🎥   If you missed it you can find the info here.

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Join us again Saturday for another fun creative listing session!  📝

Products Used:
Lined Insert
With Love 6x8 Paper Pad
With Love Die Cut Ephemera
Sweet Talk Puffy Stickers
Sweet Talk Washi Tape
Scallop Washi Tape
Black Stamping Ink
Stamp Block
erri Bradford Thin XL Stamps