'Honey Do' List

📝 Honey Do List (aka a ‘to do’ list for your honey) 😀💛

One of the lists we did a few weeks back during one of our Saturday listing sessions.

This is another one of those lists that I like to call a time capsule; it tells a story. In fact, I’d argue that any & all lists are exactly that!

I call them time capsules because they’re a snapshot in time. Even a grocery list is a mini time capsule.

Things on your grocery list 20 years ago are certainly different than today.

Whereas Dino Nuggets and baby formula may have been on my grocery list back then, they’ve been replaced with arugula and chardonnay today 😂

Lists are memory keeping. Just like a mini book or a scrapbook page.

Some of my lists have photos and others don’t. But they all have one thing in common…

They tell a story. 📖

Products Used:
Lined Traveler's Notebook Insert
Simple Vintage Lemon Twist products
Teensy Type Alphabet Stickers

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