Flashback Friday Fun - July 4th

Howdy friends!  We won't be listing this weekend, so that means another installment of Flashback Friday Fun!

On Fridays when I'm traveling & we're not listing, I send out an email with a suggested list topic, based on a list we've done in the past... Flashback Friday!

New to Flashback Friday Fun?  I started doing it early fall of 2023 when I was headed into a crazy 3 months of traveling & teaching and thought it would be a fun way to still list when we weren't together on a Saturday.  Read more about it here!

As the 4th of July holiday is just around the corner, I thought it only fitting for a Favorite 4th of July memories list.  Can't get over how cute our little Sammy was back in 2005 - almost 20 years ago!


Need a list topic while I'm gone?  List about your favorite July 4th memories or why it's a special day for you.

If you have the original Listing With Layle Idea Book: Volume 1, you can find this list under Chapter 4 - Summer, on page 31.

Click here or on the video player below to access the List With Me... LIVE video from when I created the list back in July of 2021 & fast forward to the 1:02 mark to start watching.

Looking for more listing ideas & inspiration when we're not listing together?

The Listing With Layle Idea Books are a great resource 😀

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