How to Store Distress Inks

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I’ve struggled for a while on how to store my Distress Inks. 🤔  I’m one of those that likes everything behind closed doors, but at the same time easily accessible, so that presented a wee bit of a challenge when it came to the inkpads.

I've had an IKEA Kallax/Expedit in my craft room for years.  I’ve added doors or drawers to almost all of the cubes to help keep things looking neat & tidy.

When my friend Vicki Boutin talked about the Kvissle Letter Tray from IKEA in one of her videos, I thought it just might be the solution I was looking for to store my Distress Inks.

Because I had a door on the cube where I wanted to store the tray, the door had to come out to slide the tray in.  Once it was placed in the cube, door back on :)

Inks are stored in ROYGBIV order on each of the pull out trays.

I downloaded & printed the Distress Color Palette Label Sheet from the Ranger website & continue to mark off the colors I have.  

I used washi tape to adhere an 8.5x11 page protector to the inside of the door & inserted the sheet, that way I always have it where I need it, whether I'm trying to see what colors I have or to match a color for a project I'm working on.

Next step?  Swatch each of my inks!  

Distress Inks
Distress Color Palette  - Ranger Download
Distress Color Palette - Ranger Download - Swatching
Ikea Kallax
Drawers to fit Kallax
Doors to fit Kallax
Kvissle Letter Tray