December Daily - Day 9

Welcome to day 9!

Each day here on my blog I'll be sharing my foundation pages (the base page I had ready to go before the month) and the finished pages along with the supplies I used.  

I have a few Document Your December kits available herethe kits include what I used to create the BASE of project (ie the foundation pages BEFORE I start documenting each day this month).  As always, the Layle By Mail kits include everything you need to create the project, along with color step-by-step instructions :)

When the weather is this nice it calls for a stop along the road to capture it. 📷

Little known fact unless you live in Northern Utah... we get THE.MOST.HORRIBLE inversion in the winter time due to a combination of pollution & the fact that the valley is flanked by mountain ranges on both sides, creating a ‘bowl’. Warm air collects & acts as a ‘lid’ trapping the cooler air below, along with the smog/pollution. Let’s just say sometimes it feels like you’re living in a bowl... of clam chowder 🤢😷 When it’s not like that, it’s one of the most beautiful places to be, especially in the winter ❄️ So when you’re deep in it and it finally breaks, it’s a reason to be happy!!

I printed a 6x8 photo, trimmed it into 2x2 squares, inserted them into the pockets in the pocket page, then added the stickers to the top of the pocket page. 

(And.... then I realized I swapped 2 of the squares when I put the puzzle back together - off to fix that!  😂)


Tucked a little journaling card in the library pocket on the opposite page. Easy.Peasy.Done ✅ 

Here's my foundation page for Day 9 - 

When I created the foundation page, I knew I wanted to take a large photo & cut it up to fit in the squares; pretty much used it as it was!  

Click here for details on ordering my Document Your December project kit, complete with color, step-by-step instructions; it's not too late to get started!  

Products Used - Day 9
Epson PictureMate Printer

6x8 Red Striped SN@P! Binder

2x2 Pocket Page

Advent Calendar Kit

Gold Thickers Stickers

Library Pocket

Holly Jolly Journal Cards

Merry Days Ephemera