December Daily - Day 4

Day 4 is the same every year...  it's our youngest son Sam's birthday.   

I bought a box of Pantone postcards last year and pulled a green one out for the start.  It is SO HARD to find a good green when it comes to holiday scrapbooking products.  There's so much good red, but green is the unicorn!  Pantone 7726 was perfect for this :)

I did quite a bit of journaling about a longstanding tradition in our family...  the Birthday Door.


I started a tradition with our boys when they were little - after they go to bed, the night before their birthdays, we decorate their bedroom door like a giant present, wrapped with paper, bows & little goodies attached.  

It's fun to see how he changes from year to year looking at the same picture.  If you looked at my past 13 December Daily books, you'd see a similar story each year on the 4th.  Here's the same day from the very first December Daily I did back in 2008!

Even funnier to see how the door stuff changes.  When they were little it was so easy - a little candy, a few small toys from the dollar store & done.  As they've gotten older, it's turned to cash & gift cards!  

This is most likely the last year for The Birthday Door tradition.  Makes me a little sad; it's something I've cherished so much as our boys have grown up.


I completely tossed my Day 4 foundation page because I just wasn't feeling it for what I wanted to capture.  And that's ok!  Sometimes what you created ahead of time for this project works & other times it doesn't.  After 13 years of doing a December Daily, one of the BIG things I've learned is not to force it.  If it doesn't feel right, set it aside and move one!  

Supplies Used - Day $

Epson PictureMate Printer
6x8 Jingle All the Way Binder
Acrylic 4
Pantone Postcards
Hey Santa 6x8 Paper Pad
Simple Vintage North Pole Bits & Pieces
Hole Punch

I'll be back tomorrow with Day 5 AND a video showing the first 5 days up close :)

I put together a playlist of my last 5 year's of December Daily flip through videos - click here to take a peek!