December Daily - Day 5

Welcome to day 5!  

Each day here on my blog I'll be sharing my foundation pages (the base page I had ready to go before the month) and the finished pages along with the supplies I used.  

I have a few Document Your December kits available herethe kits include what I used to create the BASE of project (ie the foundation pages BEFORE I start documenting each day this month).  As always, the Layle By Mail kits include everything you need to create the project, along with color step-by-step instructions :)

Day 5 - 

Oh my gosh you guys, I made my own transparency AND I had a blast doing it!!  I want to share what I did & how I did it and then I'll tell the story from day 5 :)

Truth be told, I am NOT a mixed media person.  NOT.EVEN.CLOSE ;) sent me some of their brand new, exclusive stencils to play with and I was determined to play and get messy.  And I DID!  And it was so easy.  And it was so FUN!

I've linked all of the supplies I used at the end of the post.  

As I set out to play - and when I say play, I mean PLAY; that's one thing I've learned when it comes to mixed media, you have to go into it with a mindset that you're there to play - I started with 3 different bases to see which one I liked best - cardstock, vellum & a clear transparency sheet.  

By far I liked the clear transparency the best, so I'll use that to show you my process.

I laid down a non-stick craft mat for my work surface, because... mixed media = messy :).  I used washi tape to temporarily adhere the Trees stencil - perfect for my album! - to the clear transparency sheet.  I then applied some Vicki Boutin Silver Glaze along with a palette knife and gently spread the glaze into the trees, working from the top of the stencil to the bottom.

When I was done, I removed the washi & gently lifted the stencil.  I used a heat tool to dry the glaze.  I kept it pretty far away as I was drying since I wasn't sure what a lot of heat would do to the clear transparency.

This is how it turned out - isn't it fun?!  You guys, if I, the least likely mixed media person, can play with stencils & glazes and have it turn out, you can too ;) My mind is spinning with all of the custom transparencies I can make!

Now for the story behind Day 5...  I have 2 best girlfriends that I have known for.e.ver.  One for 33 years and the other for 24.  Our husbands were fraternity brothers & are still great friends, our kids have known their families since they were born, we even vacation with them.  The 5th was my friend Cheri's birthday, so my friend Karen & I surprised her with a night out - we went to a wreath making workshop at the Salt & Honey makers market here in Salt Lake.  

Tons of live greenery & berries, ribbon, pinecones and Christmas cheer.  

And we had SO MUCH FUN!  

I included a postcard I picked up at the store while we were there - I love adding things like that to my mini books, and my December Daily every year is no exception.

The store is SO DARN CUTE!  If you're local, I highly encourage you to pay them a visit.  This is their brand new 9th & 9th location.   


I added a 4x6/4x6 pocket page for journaling and a photo of my table as I was working.


If you've been following along, on Day 3 I mentioned you'd see me using the 'baking' stickers I took off of my foundation page again later in my book... and here they are!  The Thickers happened to have an 'M' in one of the words, so I replaced the 'B' with the 'M' and voila - perfect for my journaling!

And here's my foundation page for day 5 - 

Annnnnnd, it looks NOTHING like what I ended up with, and that's OK!  I have a plan to use it for the 6th so I can easily change out the numbers.  

Click here for details on ordering my Document Your December project kit, complete with color, step-by-step instructions; it's not too late to get started!  

Products Used - Day 5
Epson PictureMate Printer

6x8 Red Striped SN@P! Binder Exclusive Stencils

Vicki Boutin Glazes

Palette Knife

Nonstick Craft Mat

Clear Transparency Sheets

Heat Tool (similar)

4x6/4x6 Pocket Pages

Gold Thickers Stickers