December Daily - Day 23

Day 23 & the presents wrapper to the rescue!

I'll admit it.  I wait until the last possible minute to wrap the presents.  It's not something I particularly enjoy.  Just something I have to get done - a means to an end!

Generally you'll find me locked in a room on Christmas Eve wrapping everything.  And because I wait until the last minute to do it all, it takes hours.

Not this year!   When my husband offered to start wrapping presents, you'd better believe I handed him the wrapping paper & tape before he even finished the sentence!  HA HA HA!

I took a 6x8 piece of paper, scored it slightly more than half way, tucked the bottom into the 4x6 pocket and then folded the top over the top of the pocket.  
A little bit of journaling when you lift up the piece.
Another photo on the back side & I called it good!
Here's a look at my foundation pages for the day - 


Supplies Used - Day 23