December Daily 2019 Flip Through Video

🎥 2019 December Daily... that’s a wrap!

Here's a flip through of the completed album :)

I'm Always so happy to finish this project, for soooo many reasons. Honestly, it’s a lot to tackle with the holidays. But when I’m done, I feel such a sense of accomplishment. It’s such a special project.

This is the 12th year I’ve done a December Daily album & they are my most prized possession. All the feels every year when I go back through them & relive the memories.

If you’re not done, or haven’t even started, NO PRESSURE. You do you. Work on it when you have time. When you feel inspired. It took me almost a full YEAR to complete my 2018 book. It is OK to take your time & enjoy the process. I’m here to cheer you on & tell you YOU CAN DO IT!

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