About Last Year List

Last week in a blog post I shared how this summer I’d started documenting the every day in my traveler’s notebook. A list of happenings paired with some photos... and done. ✅

I use the same format/design each month. That relieves the pressure of having to come up with something fresh and new. Which, let’s be honest... sometimes stops us from creating something. Am I right?! ;)  Not to mention the guilt in feeling like I was always behind!

This spread was the first listing topic in our listing session on Saturday - About Last Year.

It’s the final entry in my last traveler’s notebook documenting 2020. The same format as my ‘about last month’ lists, but for the full year.

Because I’d been documenting my months the same way, it made it super easy to go back & pull highlights from each month for the year.

Quick. Easy. Guilt free. Manageable 😀

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