About Last Month - January

❄️About Last Month - January❄️
January documented & in the books. Continuing with my same ‘about last month’ format I started doing last summer.
I use the same format/design each month. That relieves the pressure of having to come up with something fresh and new. Which let’s be honest... sometimes stops us from creating something. Am I right?
I make a list of things in my Traveler’s Notebook that happened throughout the month - personal, business, family, friends, local, international, you name it. I pair that with 5 photos, add a few stickers & some washi & call it good 👍 Takes me an hour, tops.
When I sit down to put the list together each month I look through the photos on my camera roll, which are date stamped, my calendar & I do a quick Google search for news.
Quick. Easy. Done ✅
Check out this blog post to see some of my lists from last year, and this post for how I recapped the full year.