A Seat With a View - 2021

If there’s a window seat available, I’m in it.  

One of my favorite things to do when flying is to look out the window.  So much goes by out that window that so many people miss. 

Last year, pre Covid, when I was flying home from a weekend of teaching, I had an idea…. put together a Traveler’s Notebook with some of the photos I’ve taken from the airplane window during my travels so far that year.


I designed a format I liked and went to work stamping & printing photos & adding journaling.

I am a collector/hoarder/LOVER of stamps from  It’s like she lives in my brain.  Everything she does.  Everything she releases… into my cart it goes.  I used a few of her different stamp sets along with the MISTI stamping tool - it made it so easy to just swap out a few stamps while keeping everything lined up with each impression.  Nice & neat.  Even for a spaz of a stamper like me that ends up with almost as much ink on my hands as the paper. 

I even created a little template/cheat sheet that I store in the back of the TN; when I'm ready to work on a new entry, there's no guesswork on where to line up the stamps, the size photo, etc!

Same thing every time... departure airport - 3 letter airport code, arrival airport - 3 letter airport code, date/month/year, photo & a few words.

One of my last entries of 2020 in my Out the Window TN...

I was scheduled to fly out of town to teach; of course, with Covid, everything was shut down and flights were grounded.  I felt strongly about documenting that specifically since it was such a surreal experience.  I went to Google, searching for a photo that would be representative of what was happening.  I found one of planes lined up and thought it would be perfect to use.  Saved it to my computer & printed it out.

I don't document every trip, or every photo I take out the airplane window.  But sometimes the views are so spectacular, they're just begging to be documented :)