A Seat With a View

If there’s a window seat available, I’m in it.   

One of my favorite things to do when flying is to look out the window.  So much goes by out that window that so many people miss.  When I was flying home a week ago form teaching, I had an idea…. put together a Traveler’s Notebook with some of the photos I’ve taken from the airplane window during my travels this year.

 So yesterday I did something I haven’t done in ages…. I did a project for me :)  

 Not for a class or a kit, a project for me.  And it felt soooo good!  With all of the stress and uncertainty that’s going on, it did me wonders to step away from the 24 hour news cycle and be creative for a few hours.  It reminded me how therapeutic creativity is for me.

I designed a format I liked and went to work stamping & printing photos & adding journaling.  

 I am a collector/hoarder/LOVER of stamps from  It’s like she lives in my brain.  Everything she does.  Everything she releases… into my cart it goes.  I used a few of her different stamp sets along with the MISTI stamping tool - it made it so easy to just swap out a few stamps while keeping everything lined up with each impression.  Nice & neat.  Even for a spaz of a stamper like me that ends up with almost as much ink on my hands as the paper. 

I’ve intentionally grounded myself from flying the rest of this month, postponing the classes I had scheduled to teach in California.  The health & safety of everyone involved is extremely important to me.  I feel strongly that it’s my responsibility to not fly during this time and potentially expose myself and others to the spread of the Coronavirus.   

Although I won’t be flying next week, I will be doing another entry in this TN all about a different view ‘out the window’ - my way of documenting these crazy, uncertain times we’re in.

I hope that you, your family, friends & loved ones stay healthy & take care of yourselves. 

Layle - XOXO