2020 Election

Doing a little documenting in my Traveler’s Notebook today to calm the nerves. ❤️💙  
Lots of spots for hidden journaling to capture what I’m feeling.
Regardless of who loses the election, it’s our responsibility as American citizens to make sure that the American people as a whole do not lose. 🇺🇸 Please be kind & respectful of others, their feelings & opinions in the coming days. ❤️💙
Inspired by a friend that shared an election spread in her TN with me the other day. The same friend that sent me the handmade RBG card, complete with pearl enamel dots for her earrings ❤️💙
The fabulous election printables are from Paper Person Shop as soon as I saw them I clicked ‘add to cart’!  Love them, just perfect for documenting this time in our country’s history.