Swatch This - MINI Inks 4x4 Stamp Set
Swatch This - MINI Inks 4x4 Stamp Set

Swatch This - MINI Inks 4x4 Stamp Set

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The Swatch This  stamps have been created specifically to help you 'swatch' the colors in various crafting products.

Swatch This - MINI Inks,  an add on to the original Swatch This Inks stamps set, includes three different shaped ink pads with space for capturing the name of the ink color, along with an assortment of words to capture more information about the ink, including color, brand, type, mix, note, + and ............, where 'mix' and '+' can be used to swatch ink blends/mixes.

The 'bite size' ink pad stamps are perfect for swatching your ink colors in a traveler's notebook, composition book, or other notebook!  The square inkpad stamp measures 1.25" - the same size as most mini ink pads :)

4x4 photopolymer clear stamp set includes 11 stamps; acrylic block and ink sold separately.

Made in the USA

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