Stamp Shammy

Stamp Shammy

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A clean stamp is a happy stamp! Keep your stamps happy with this cute Stamp Shammy

Stamp Shammy from Lawn Fawn is a 5” x 7” reusable cleaning cloth. No special cleaning solution is needed. Just add water to throughly hydrate the cloth, then wipe your stamps for a perfect clean.

Stamp Shammy makes stamping crisp images and switching between ink colors even easier. It is the perfect tool for every stamper’s craft desk!

Care instructions: The shammy will dry out between uses, as well as get “inky” over time. Don’t worry! Just add water to throughly re-hydrate the cloth, and it will continue to clean your stamps again and again, even if stained.

Combine with the Block White Eraser to condition your stamps before using & the Mircrofiber Cloth for drying your stamps after using the Shammy!

Check out the video for an intro!