Stamp Conditioning & Cleaning Bundle

Stamp Conditioning & Cleaning Bundle

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Did you know you need to condition your photopolymer stamps before you use them for the first time?!  Yes!

This bundle includes all of the things I use to condition & clean my stamps - 

1.  Block White Eraser - start out by gently rubbing the eraser across all of the stamps.  This will remove the thin, 'invisible to the eye' layer/coating that sits on top of all photopolymer stamps!
2.  Stamp Shammy - simply wet the shammy & clean the stamp.  You can also use the shammy after using ink on your stamps to clean them.
3.  Microfiber Cloth - it's important that you dry your stamps before applying ink, especially when using pigment based inks that may react to any water residue or moisture left on the stamp surface.  A microfiber cloth is lint free, ensuring no lint or fibers will remain on our stamp, which can affect the stamped impression.