Listing with Layle Workbook

Listing with Layle Workbook

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This workbook is based on the Traveler's Notebook List With Me... LIVE creative listing sessions we do on Saturdays on my YouTube channel.  

**Looking for listing inspiration?  Check out the Listing With Layle Idea Book, a useful, inspiring, one-stop resource designed to help you tell your story in a simple, yet creative way.

Back in October of 2021 I decided to create a workbook for myself after I found myself reinventing the wheel each week as I was preparing for our Saturday sessions.  I sat down over the course of a few hours, figured out what I needed for myself, designed it and took it to a printer to have it printed and bound.

It was just what I needed as it had everything for my listing, all in one spot!

As I was using the workbook each week, a number of people asked what I was using and where they could get one.... so, I've made them!

This 90 page wire bound workbook is designed to help you stay organized and capture ideas, sketches, listing topics, notes, etc as you work on your creative listing.

The workbook includes a clear transparent binding cover, a cardstock printed cover, 7 sections (with a blank cardstock separator between each section) and a black linen texture cardstock back cover.  

The 7 sections include:

  • Weekly Outline with 30 double sided pages to capture listing topic, products, items on your list along with space for a design sketch for 3 lists per week
  • List Ideas with 5 double sided pages to capture future listing topics you'd like to work on
  • Double Page Design Ideas with 15 double sided pages to sketch designs for future double page lists
  • Single Page Design Ideas with 10 double sided pages to sketch designs for single page lists
  • Title Ideas with 5 double sided pages to capture different title designs
  • Bullet Ideas with 5 double sided pages to capture different bullet designs
  • Notes with 10 double sided pages

Watch this video for a close up look at the workbook & individual sections along with examples of how I've personalized a slightly different version of my workbook for additional ideas!