Layle By Mail 6" Zero Centering Ruler

Layle By Mail 6" Zero Centering Ruler

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Sturdy, clear acrylic Zero Centering Ruler 

  • 6" wide x 2" tall x 1/4" thick
  • White laser etched numbers/measurements down to 1/16th of an inch, making every measurement you make clear & precise
  • Top scale is 6"
  • Bottom Scale is 3" to each side

This ruler allows you to easily find the center of a project without complex math and calculations!  Simply position the ruler on both the left & right sides of the object so you can have the same reading.

Perfect size for working with in your Traveler's Notebooks, great size for taking with you on the go, too!

Available in 6" version and a bundle with both the 6 & 12" versions here as well!

Watch the video to see the ruler up close, along with a handy tip!