About Last Month

About last month... 🗓

Over the last 5 years I’ve been combining my love for memory keeping & list making and mashed them together with my love for Traveler’s Notebooks.

This summer I landed on a format for my day to day memory keeping that I love. A format that’s manageable for me, short and sweet & guilt free because I can keep up with it.

I call it About Last Month. I do it the first Saturday of each new month during my List With Me Live sessions on YouTube.

I use the same format/design each month. I make a list of things in my Traveler’s Notebook that happened throughout the month - personal, business, family, friends, local, international, you name it. I pair that with 5 photos, add a few stickers & some washi & call it good 👍 Takes me an hour, tops.

When I sit down to put the list together each month I look through the photos on my camera roll, which are date stamped, my calendar & I do a quick Google search for news.

I’m super excited about the one I’m doing this Saturday... About Last Year. Same idea, but I’ll pull a few key happenings from each monthly list from last year along with 5 photos, & there you have it! I won’t be wracking my brian trying to remember all the things.

*EDITED TO ADD*  See my About Last Year list here!

Doesn’t mean I won’t continue to do memory keeping with scrapbook layouts, mini books & Traveler’s Notebooks. This is the way I plan to continue to document the every day this year.

Quick. Easy. Guilt free. Manageable 😀